Christmas Mini Photo Shoots West Sussex

I’m excited to share the first of my sets for my mini Christmas photo shoot event that takes place on November 15th – 17th.

It’s a rustic festive scene that will be great for family groups and kids of all ages although your little one really needs to at least be confident on their tummy to get the most out of these set based photo shoots.   There are some finishing touches to add and there will be various seating options so I can tailor it to different age groups but I’m very pleased how it’s come together.  It would the perfect backdrop for your holiday card image.

I’m not going to lie, this has been a challenging year to plan these sessions.  Well, it’s been a challenging year full stop but specifically here because I had everything designed and planned before Covid hit but then I realised that there would be no way of sanitising bed clothes and mountains of fluffy snow in between sessions so I had to park those ideas for another time and go back to the drawing board. These sets are designed to make them easy to sanitise between clients and so they’ll be both festive and safe to visit!

I’ll be publishing all the details and opening the calendar for booking soon but sessions will include your favourite digital image and cost £25.  A single additional digital image will be £15 or it’s £50 to download everything in your gallery – perfect for presents and creating cards!