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Our ‘Joey Club’ was originally named after our ‘not so little any more boy’ Joe and is our specialist baby photography club designed to capture your first year’s journey with your new baby. For more than a decade it has brought lots of wonderful new families into our studio, returning again as their families grow.

East Grinstead Baby Photography Studio

My Baby Photography Club gives you three sessions in your first year with your baby – the first session  is when your baby reaches 4 months, your second at 8 months and then finally a couple of weeks before their first birthday so you have the photos in time to celebrate that amazing milestone.  At the end of the 12 month period, you are then invited to chose your favourite image from each session to be added into your triple aperture souvenir wall frame.

  • No minimum spend… buy what you like, if you like
  • Free triple aperture souvenir frame at the end of your three sessions
  • Very competitive print prices and digital download options
  • You can schedule your session directly online from home at a date and time that suits you – 24/7!
  • Regular reminder emails so you don’t miss your baby’s milestones

  • £39.95 for the year including the sessions and the frame

What does the Club Cost?

Each session aims to capture your baby as they grow and develop during their exciting (and a little bit exhausting) first year.  Joey Club is free to join if you have attended a Newborn Photography Session with me. However, if you haven’t had one of these sessions, then of course you are still welcome to join in the fun.  The membership fee for the year is £39.95 including the three sessions and the triple aperture wall frame.

After each session, your images are uploaded into your own private online gallery – there is no sales process or viewing session to endure.  If you would like to order prints or digital images from your session then you can do that online although there is no minimum spend.

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4 Months Session

At about four months old, things should be starting to relax from the chaos that a newborn baby throws a household into. All those good things like routines and regular sleep should be starting to happen your little passenger will be really starting to engage with the world around them.  So this is an ideal time for the first of your Joey Club sessions. Obviously at this stage, your baby is still physically limited in terms of supporting themselves so this session is shot on our specially designed beanbags that allow them to sit upright and comfortably for at least a portion of their photos. They love this as it gives them the freedom to see exactly what is going on whilst remain secure and snuggled in.

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Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

8 Months Session

Now things are really starting to move along at a rate of knots and your baby will be mastering new skills all the time.   The ideal time for this session is when your little one is able to sit steadily by themselves but before they start to crawl as this gives us the maximum flexibility with props and backdrops.  Of course they don’t always give you a window there so if they’re mobile, then we’ll work on capturing some action shots.   Again I have a range of outfits, props and accessories that you are welcome to use or bring along things you would like to include if you’d like to – treasured toys, family heirlooms, or just clothes you adore them in.

Pay £39.95 Membership
Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

12 Months Session

The first year has flown by and as well as all the other celebrations you and your family and friends will have planned, you can add in your 12 month Joey Club session to the festivities.   The 12 month session is a birthday themed session complete with props and accessories, which we play with along with obviously capturing your little one as they reach their landmark first year. The resulting images are cute, funny and ones to really treasure.  You are invited also to bring along a cake to add a ‘cake smash photography’ session in as well. Basically, your baby gets to explore, play with and in some cases eat their birthday cake whilst we capture everything on camera.

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No Sales Appointments, No Surprises

As with all of my photography, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.  You simply view and order your images from the comfort of your private online gallery where you are welcome to purchase additional prints, digital images or canvases if you would like to.

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Newborn Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead

Joining the Joey Club

Joining the Joey Club is as easy as one, two, three…

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Joey Club Terms and Conditions

It is a little boring but all clubs have rules so here they are…

  • You need internet access and an email address to join Joey Club as this is the only way we facilitate membership, booking and image viewing.
  • You will need to have attended all three session to obtain the free triple aperture frame. Obviously if a session needs to be re-scheduled that won’t be a problem, but I do need you to come to all three session on or near to the key development stages.
  • Your frame needs to be ordered within three months of all the images being made available for you to select from.  After that time, your images will be deleted and your frame won’t be available.
  • The first Joey Cub session is held when your baby is 4 months old, so you can join the Joey Club at any time before that
  • Although you can buy Joey Club membership as a gift for any friend or family member (and it does make a fantastic gift for any new family), you must be a mother, father or legal guardian to register a child in Joey Club and attended sessions. Separate memberships are required for each baby with the exception of twins and triplets who of course can share a membership
  • Joey Club sessions take place during your baby’s 4th, 8th and 11th month and are by appointment only. Once you have made your first appointment, I will send you reminders for the other two appointments so you can’t forget them – life with a baby is very busy and it’s easy to miss out.
    Obviously little-ones can become ill and not be at their best, so if you need to reschedule then please get in touch.
  • Joey Club session are approximately 20 minutes to 40 minutes in length and produce an average of 40 images to choose from, but this depends on the little-one playing ball obviously.
  • Joey Club sessions are especially designed to capture your baby as they grow throughout their first year. For this reason, we focus entirely on your baby only at each session with some time at the end to include you as parents and siblings.
  • Session images will be online at my secure website for you to view, share and if you wish, purchase from approximately 10 -14 days after your session although this can be delayed on occasions. I do aim to get them online for you as fast as possible so you don’t have to wait too long to see your images  but where this is not possible, you will be advised at the end of your session.
  • Images are online for 30 days following your session. After this point, we will send you a ‘Notice’ email to let you know that they are about to be removed so you can be sure that you have ordered everything that you would like, including your image for the frame.
  • All image proofing and purchasing is completed online from your secure gallery page, we do not provide hard copy proofs or contact sheets. We will give your session ID exclusively to you but you are welcome to share it with your friends and family so that they too can enjoy and purchase your session images if they wish.
  • Joey Club registration ends 30 days after your baby’s first birthday but your details will remain active so that you can enjoy further sessions with us using the same account and enjoying your Joey Club discount if you wish.
  • From time to time, your Membership of the Joey Club may entitle you to various other special offers both from us and our partners as well as priority booking for the various special events that we hold from time to time. It’s a great idea therefore to stay connected with us either via Facebook or our quarterly newsletter – you can just visit the Sarah Fisher Photography Facebook page and give it a ‘like’ to stay in touch.
  • Our studio does not offer a waiting area or any entertainment for older children (or adults for that matter) during a Joey Club session. For this reason, we recommend that you book at a time that you can attend alone with your baby and that way we can devote our full attention to getting you the perfect set of images with no distractions for ourselves, you or your baby.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your registration at anytime and for any reason. Inactive registrations will be deleted without notice, along with registrations that have no sessions booked after a period of time. Please ensure you book your session at the appropriate Joey Club stages, (approximately 4, 8, and at 12 months), we will normally schedule these at your first session.
  • We do not allow food and drink to be consumed on our premises with the exception of baby bottles, water and breast-feeding naturally. We also don’t allow smoking anywhere on our premises, either indoors or out, please top up before you come ?
  • This does seem to be a bit of a ridiculous thing to have to say but obviously you are not permitted to use your own camera, smart phone or any other photographic device anywhere on our premises.  I have never had to and I would be embarrassed to do it but I would have to cancel the session.

If you would like to discuss any of our Business Terms or Joey Club Rules, please get in touch.

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