My Studio in Crawley Down

Photography Studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex Sarah Fisher Photography

My studio is tucked away in the grounds of my house up a short path through our trees.  I like to think of it as small but perfectly formed and it’s one of my favourite places to be.

It’s effectively split into two shooting spaces with a small lobby plus toilet / changing facilities in between.  One side is white, light, bright and airy and the other side is darker.  Both sides have extra backdrop and lighting options built in.  I’ve worked in lots of studios over the years and lots of them have been much larger, but I think that this space offers me the most amount of versatility in terms of different set ups that I’ve ever had.

The Studio

Chart Cottage

Turners Hill Road

Crawley Down

RH10 4HG

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I have lots of props, backdrops and accessories at my studio that are available for you to include in your sessions if you’d like to. We can make all the decisions about what you’d like for your photo shoot when you arrive or here’s some information on the types of options I have if you’d like browse ahead of time.

Studio Backdrops

I have a range of coloured backdrops that are suitable for adults and also some of these extremely clever printed backdrops that are perfect for kids. They can all be changed within a few minutes so we can mix and match during your session to create completely different looks.  In terms of solid coloured paper backdrops I have red, yellow, grey, purple, brown, silver, pink, blue, orange and green.

Newborn Props

Over the years, I’ve gathered together a beautiful little collection of props that are perfect for newborns and, in some cases, older babies.  They’re all designed to be right-sized and safe to work as well as provide a lovely backdrop for your little one’s photo shoot.  From giant bowls to little beds, they can all be personalised to suit your taste and colour requirements with some of my accessories or items you bring with you.


Bunting has become really fashionable over the last few years and I think there’s something really joyful about those little coloured flags. They are a really good way of adding a pop of colour into your photo shoot, and of incorporating your colour theme into the backdrop.  I have a fairly sizeable collection and I’m always making more to add to it as clients give me  new ideas so you can take a look at what I have already below.  If you’d like to bring along your own then of course you’re very welcome to – it needs to be at least five feet long to allow me to pin it to my backdrop.

Tutus, Pettiskirts, Bloomers & Rompers

There are some items that photograph beautifully but you’d never dress your child in outside of the photo shoot and so I have a sizeable collection of photo shoot outfits that you’re welcome to borrow.  From flouncy pettiskirts and dresses to bloomers and rompers for both boys and girls, there’s lots of options that you can use.