Print and Digital Pricing

Baby Photography Crawley Down East Grinstead West Sussex

I very often get asked for a price list and particularly when it comes to the costs of my prints or digital images.

I think sometimes people are concerned that some photographers offer reasonable session prices but inflate their product prices and sell them through ‘viewing meetings’ which are in fact run by trained sales people offering finance agreements.  Even if you love the pictures, then that can leave a nasty taste in your mouth.  I don’t like to be sold to, it makes me uncomfortable and so I don’t do it to my clients.  In terms of session pricing, the full details of the session are on their own website pages but if you’d like to see them in summary then you can scoot down here a bit and see just that.

When it comes to ordering the images that you’d like, there are no secrets here.  First and foremost, all your images are proofed online – no sales process to sit through.  You can view and order your images at 2am whilst in your pyjamas with no fear of judgement here 🙂

Outside of my baby photography club, most other portrait sessions that I offer includes your choice of your three favourite digital images at high resolution for you to print and share as you wish   The cost for these is £95.  There are a few exceptions with model updates, dog photography, and birthday party shoots but I’ve listed them all out below.

The baby photography club (or Joey Club as I often call it) gives you the option of either taking a free digital from each session or choosing your favourite image from each to receive in a triple aperture wall frame at the end of the year.  Pricing for any additional images that you’d like to order from each session are the same for the Joey Club as for any other type of session.

Then if you’d like to order extra prints, canvases or digital images then just see below for a list of the most commonly requested prices.

Session Prices

Digital Images

Your portrait session (not including Baby Photography Club  sessions) already includes your choice of your favourite three digital images at print quality – perfect for printing up to sizes 10×8″.  If you simply can’t pick just three as your favourites, then you can upgrade to purchase additional digital images

  • Single Digital Image – £15
  • Pack of Five Digital Images – £50
  • All of the Digital Images from your session – £195

When you order digital images, they are delivered via digital download so you can download them directly to your device.  If you’d also like a copy on USB stick then you can add this for an additional £5 (including postage).  You’ll also get a copy to download.

With all digital images though however you choose to receive them, I’m begging you to back them up to somewhere safe, or preferably to several safe places. I don’t keep them for more than 18 months so I won’t be able to give them to you again if you’ve lost them after this point which would just be heartbreaking. 


If you would prefer to order additional hard copy prints, I have these produced to the highest quality at our professional photographic lab.  See below for a list of the most commonly requested sizes.

  • Sizes up to 9×6″ – £15
  • 10×8″ – £20
  • 12×8″ – £25
  • 15×10″ – £35
  • 15×12″ – £40

Canvas Wraps

When it comes to hanging your photographs on your walls, the canvas wrap is by far and away my best seller!  Your image is printed on high quality canvas fabric and then stretched over a wooden frame to create a fabulously simple way to display your favourite photographs.  Their clean lines and lack of frame mean that they suit any room in the house, and are easy to rehang if you move house or change decor.

  • 12″ x 8″ – £75
  • 15″ x 10″ – £85
  • 18″ x 12″ – £100
  • 20″ x 16″ – £150
  • 24″ x 16″ – £175