Christmas Memories

2022-01-16T11:27:47+00:00January 20th, 2022|Babies|

Although it already seems like a long time since our Christmas trees were up, I have lots of happy memories of December in the studio. It's one of the busiest and most fun times of the year, not [...]

Three Generation Family Portrait

2022-01-15T14:48:20+00:00January 19th, 2022|Families|

This family had set aside some very special time to visit the studio and create a truly special three generation family portrait. I always love to capture these are they really have the feel of a family heirloom [...]

Newborn Baby – Snuggly and Smiling

2022-01-16T11:28:03+00:00January 18th, 2022|Newborn|

This beautiful little girl was a dream model in the studio and as you can see, she was more than happy to snuggle up and relax. Her mum and dad had brought along some beautiful items to include [...]

2022 Energy!

2022-01-15T14:35:42+00:00January 17th, 2022|Babies|

This.  This is the energy that I'll be looking to take into 2022! This guy was the epitome of charm at his photo shoot recently and he definitely had a big energy about him!  This was a family [...]

A Literal Sleeping Angel!

2021-12-28T10:25:16+00:00January 1st, 2022|Newborn|

One of my most popular newborn props is my angel wings but this clever mum brought along a whole angel ensemble to go with her session! With tutus, I do tend to cheat a bit and just drape [...]

Baby Photography – Keep it Simple

2021-12-18T13:03:13+00:00December 30th, 2021|Babies|

There are all sorts of folk that visit my studio and of course everyone has different taste and goals for their photo shoot. Some people like to incorporate lots of themes and some people like to keep it [...]

Three Reindeer in the Studio

2021-12-18T12:58:41+00:00December 28th, 2021|Families|

Churro and his pawrents came to visit the studio this time last year when they'd just welcome their fluffy fur baby into their family. It was lovely to see them again for some updated photos this year.  Churro [...]

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