A fairy can’t very well be a fairy without a magic wand with which to cast her spells and so it was very important to me to find the most perfect wands for my fairy photo shoots.  I looked at those that were commercially available but they all seemed a bit too sparkly and not nearly special enough for my fairies!  So I decided to make my own and it was a natural choice, seeing as my fairies visit my Enchanted Forest, to give them a flower theme.

Each wand is different as I just followed my heart when it came to designing them – after all, if you’re making magic wands, that just seemed like a sensible way to go.  There are choices in each colour of the dresses so that the fairies can make a choice as to which they would prefer to complete their outfit.  Of course, they are only licenced for good magic so there’s no danger of  anyone in the studio being accidentally transformed into a frog – that would indeed be a very awkward situation.