Today’s fairy has a lot of choice when it comes to choosing an outfit.  There’s a lot of choice available on the high street and even in the supermarkets and they are often very lovely sparkly and flowing dresses.  As lovely as they are though, I really wanted something extra special for the Forest. Something that couldn’t be found anywhere else and that my visiting fairies would never have seen before.

So after a good deal of researching and general head scratching, I decided that the best way to make sure of this was to make them myself and after a lot of messing around with different designs, I finally hit upon what I thought was the perfect fairy dress.  It’s flexible in terms of size and so I only have to make two of each colour and that covers pretty much any fairy size, it’s simple and easy to get on, it photographs beautifully and most importantly, it makes my little fairies feel totally magical.

There’s quite a range of colours and designs by now (I’ve been adding to my collection over the years) and so there are different ranges according to the season.  Then in addition to this, there’s also a range of flower accessories for either the dress or hair (or both) that can be chosen by our fairy to customise her outfit to her exact requirements.  Add on the wings and the wand and they’re ready to go and experience the magic of the Enchanted Forest fully dressed for the occasion.

Find out more about booking your little fairy in for a magical photo shoot here

A visit to the fairy photo shoot experience is perfect for little ones aged three and up and costs £25 including one digital for a single fairy, or £35 for fairy siblings.  There’s no expensive hard sell after your photo shoot either – you simply view your pictures in your online gallery a few days after your session and order what you would like.  A single additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 for everything in your gallery in case you simply love all of your fairy memories and want to keep them all.  No surprises, no secrets, no sales – just stunning fairy images of your little one.