Joey Club Frame Sarah Fisher Photography

When your Joey Club year is over, this is the time when you can either pick your favourite image from each session for your wall frame or your free digital image from each session (if you haven’t been doing that as we’ve gone through the year).

You’ll see all your images from your baby photography club year in a single online gallery so that you can let me know that images that you’d either like as your free digital copies or in your souvenir wall frame.   Once I have your selection, I’ll get your frame ordered and let you know when it’s ready.

If you’ve been choosing to take a free digital image from each of your Joey Club sessions, you can still also have the Joey Club frame as well.  Simply let me know the images you would like in your frame, and transfer the £39.95 and I’ll get your frame ready for you.

Whichever you choose, it’s the perfect way to create memories of your first year together.