What to wear for your newborn photo shoot sarah fisher photography sussex

This is a really common question that I get asked both in relation what your new baby should wear but also what parents should wear if they’re joining in the session.

For Newborns

I think less is more.  A lot of the time, your baby will be photographed in their birthday suit or near to it.  It shows them off to their best and also it’s pretty difficult to carry out multiple outfit changes when you’re also trying to keep them sleepy and relaxed.  I’d recommend that, if you have a favourite outfit, that you bring them along already in it (preferably without extra layers underneath) and we start with that.

For Parents

Neutral tones work best and try to avoid bold patterns and logos. It is best to have everyone in matching tones – so all dark, or all light, as this gives a more unified feel to the finished images. I have both dark and light backgrounds in the studio that we can photograph against so you can decide whether you would like to blend or contrast on the day.  One other thing.  The human eye is designed to seek out skin tones and obviously your newborn is super tiny at this point.  So if you have your arms on show, it’s likely that the eye will be drawn to the skin on your arms before your baby’s face, so I’d recommend long sleeves for maximum photographic impact. When you come to a newborn photo shoot, the studio will be pretty warm as I keep it at baby friendly temperatures.  So you might want to dress in something light and comfy and then change (I have a changing area) for your photos.