I don’t know what it is about bunting but I just love the stuff.  That won’t come as surprise to you if you’ve been to visit the studio and you’ve seen my collection of those colourful little flags.

Of course it’s also super easy to make and I just love my sewing machine which means that I’m free to add more any time someone comes up with a good idea – which is pretty much how the collection started to grow.   You’re welcome to borrow from my collection at any session you come to the studio for – it’s a great way to add a little more colour to a scene or tie a theme together.  If you’d like to bring along your own to include in the photos then of course that’s fine too – it needs to be 5 feet long in order for me to clip it to my backdrop.

I kind of think I’m at the point now where I have something for almost any occasion though you’re welcome to prove me wrong – just gives me an excuse to make more!

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