Baby Photography in East Grinstead

This gorgeous little girl is rocking the vintage vibe in her photos with her super cute outfit and one of my fine art canvases as a backdrop.

As I was editing her pictures, I was struck by the fact that vintage styling really seems to be happening in the studio a lot at the moment.  And by vintage styling, I don’t mean dodgy sepia and Victorian chimney sweep outfits (although now I’ve said it, I kind of want to do it) but just classic simple portraiture .  I have a few canvas backdrops and I must admit to them having been in retirement for a lot of 2020 – they’re still there for people to choose but not many people have fancied them.  However, they’ve been making a resurgence since reopening this year and I’ve definitely noticed a rise in classic and vintage style outfits to go with them.  I have to say I love the look!

That said, you’re never limited to one style in your portrait session, so you can mix and match as your heart desires.  Rock a classic outfit and backdrop and then switch things up to fun props and modern backgrounds.  It’s a flexible space and I really see my job as being to give you the images that you want rather than make you conform to a ‘style’ that I like.  To be honest, that wouldn’t work because my style loves change from day to day and sometimes even faster than that!

Baby Photography

You can book a stand alone baby photo shoot for £95 including three digital images or you can take a look at my Baby Photography Club which includes

  • Sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months
  • The last session as a cake smash / tub splash if you’d like it (no extra charge)
  • Your favourite image from each session in a wall frame at the end of the year
  • Online image gallery after each session (no sales / viewing appointments)
  • £39.95 for the sessions and the wall frame