Sinead and Tom got married in St John the Baptist church and then had their reception in the Half Moon, both in the lovely village of Kirdford.

We had met before when Tom was best man for another wedding I got to share in and that wedding was so much fun that I already had an inkling that it was going to be a good day.  It certainly didn’t disappoint.  I started the day with the bridal party as they got ready for the main event and there was no shortage of fun (and cocktails) to be had – despite a few nerves regarding the transportation of the stunning, fruit covered naked cake in the hands of a groom that has proved in the past to be a bit on the clumsy side (he dropped the handmade wedding favours twice).  As it turned out, it made the journey with no problems though and looked wonderful in the tent at the reception venue.

The bridal party arrived in style in vintage VW camper vans and then ceremony went without a hitch with the proper sprinkling of happy tears.  Then it was over to the Half Moon to continue the festivities.  While the hog roast turned and enticed everyone with its delicious smell, the teepee was styled to perfection and everything just looked stunning. A few showers at the beginning of the day proved to be all the rain that we had, and we could all enjoy the garden in the warm, dry weather.

As well as the traditional group shots, the groom’s mum had brought all of the groom’s party matching sunglasses so obviously we had to make use of those and then after they had taken the picture of them all carrying the bride, the bridesmaids decided that they would return the favour and have their shot whilst they picked up the groom.  Luckily for all involved, he survived that intact (just about).    It was a wedding I’ll always remember as being one where I had to actually seriously consider the risk of camera shake where I was laughing so hard at all the goings on – captured on camera for some fairly merciless teasing in later life I would imagine.  Joking aside though, a seriously gorgeous couple who I am sure are going to just love their married life together!

Wedding Photography

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