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I’m a wedding photographer working across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire with more than 15 years of experience of telling the wedding stories of the couples I share the day with. If you’re planning a wedding, your head is probably swimming with information from photographers and package options.  So I keep it simple, just two packages depending on how long you want me to be with you on your wedding day…  Of course, you’re welcome to get in touch if you would like to talk over creating something unique to you.

  • Professional and Experienced Wedding Photographer

  • Mix of Portrait and Reportage Photography

  • Relaxed and Natural Style

  • Fully Edited Image Gallery on Memory Stick after the Wedding

  • Full Range of Albums Available

Wedding Photography West Sussex
Engagement Photo Shoot Crawley Down East Grinstead

Wedding Package 1

This package starts with bridal party preparations.  I’ll arrive about an hour and a half before you’re due to leave for your ceremony which is generally the fun bit where everyone is putting finishing touches to hair and make up and getting all dressed up and ready to go.  I just mix in with you girls but I do it all with a camera in my hand and capture the story unfolding.

Then I leave the girls alone and shoot off to meet the boys at the ceremony venue, to capture guest arrivals, and of course be waiting for the arrival of the bridal party.  I capture the ceremony as it happens and then any photography you would like at your reception – a mix of formal groups, traditional shots, reportage / candid photography of your guests having a great time and a little time alone with the two of you to get some great pictures of you as a couple.  We finish off with a ‘fake the cake’ shot just before your wedding breakfast is due to begin, where we pose and stage the cake cutting before I leave you for the day.

Engagement Photo Shoot Crawley Down East Grinstead

Wedding Package 2

This package starts just before your wedding ceremony where I’ll arrive to capture your guest arrivals, and the groom as he anxiously awaits his bride.

Then I’ll be waiting for the bride’s arrival.  I work quietly to capture the ceremony as it unfolds and then attend your reception and stay with you to create images of wedding groups, romantic portraits and all of those fun, candid and unplanned moments that happen along the way. I leave when you sit down to your wedding breakfast.

Engagement Photo Shoot Crawley Down East Grinstead

After your Wedding

Your finished image collection will consist of a set of individually edited and enhanced photos of your day’s story, presented to you on USB memory stick (about two weeks after your wedding).  There will be two copies – one at print resolution and sized at 10×8″ 300ppi  and one that is right sized for social media sharing.  ?You’ll be able to print and share as many as you want and distribute them as you wish.

Although I don’t include an album in either of my packages, I can offer a full range from traditional overlay style to more modern coffee table / magazine layouts.  You’re welcome to talk to me about the options available after your wedding if you’d like to.

What does Wedding Photography Cost?

The bit you’ve been hanging on for.  So coverage from bridal preparations through to when you sit down to your wedding breakfast with all the images at print resolution on disk is £750.  If you would just like coverage from your ceremony through to your wedding breakfast then the price is £500.  

There’s a 10% discount if you are marrying Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

The deposit required is £150 and the balance is due two weeks before your wedding date.  Your booking is confirmed as soon as you have completed the online booking form and I have received your deposit.  Then we have a chat the week before the big day (I like your wedding to my next wedding so I have all of your details and plans fresh in my head), to create a rough plan for the day and finalise all the timings.

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Full Range of Wedding Albums and Presentation Options

I don’t include an album within my standard package although you will receive a fully edited gallery of all your images on memory stick at print quality.  However, if you would like to look at professional presentation options for your wedding photographs, I can work with any of the industry suppliers to create you any kind of album – from traditional overlay albums, to magazine type albums to albums that feature a built in screen for your wedding video. Just get in touch after your wedding to talk things over. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m always happy to talk over my wedding photography options and what you would like in terms of capturing your big day.  You can talk to me on the phone, or email or make an appointment to visit my studio in Crawley Down to talk further.  However, feel free to take a browse through my Frequently Asked Questions below to see if that gives you some of the answers that you are looking for.

What Wedding Photography Packages do you Offer?2019-08-09T16:47:37+01:00
Are Travel Costs Included?2019-08-09T16:57:16+01:00

My packages include travel throughout most of Sussex and parts of Surrey and Kent.  I’m happy to travel further afield where you would like me to so if you’re marrying outside of this area, then just get in touch and I’ll let you know what my travel costs would be.

Do we Receive all of the Images?2019-08-09T17:00:09+01:00

As part of the image editing process to prepare your finished gallery for you, I will naturally delete some of your images that just don’t work for any number of reasons.  Your finished gallery represents the very best of what I have captured for you on your wedding day.

Do your Packages include an Album?2019-08-09T17:02:32+01:00

I don’t include an album in my wedding packages.  Instead I give you all of your images on USB so you can create your own. However, if you’d like me to create one for you, I can work with any industry supplier to manufacture traditional or storybook albums.

How Much does your Photography Cost?2019-08-09T17:04:21+01:00

I offer two wedding packages both including images on memory stick

Package 1 – from bridal party preparations through to your wedding breakfast £750

Package 2  – from ceremony through to your wedding breakfast £500

Can you Stay Until our First Dance?2019-08-09T17:09:50+01:00

I don’t normally recommend having a professional photographer stay until your first dance unless you have something specific in mind that you would like to achieve or capture. Generally people want to relax during a wedding reception and aren’t keen to participate in any formal photography and having a professional photographer capturing folk sitting around chatting seems to me like  a waste of money that would be better spent on champagne.  However, if you do have ideas that you would like to make happen photographically speaking, then just get in touch and I’m happy to provide you with a quotation to stay for longer.

How do I Book your Photography?2019-08-09T17:11:48+01:00

You can book your wedding photography with me with two easy steps, here’s the link to the page that you need that will allow you to complete the booking form and send over your £150 deposit.

Book your Wedding Photography
Do you require a Deposit?2019-08-09T17:13:10+01:00

The deposit I need to confirm your booking and secure your date is £150 with the balance being due two weeks before your wedding date.  The deposit is non-refundable but I will always return it to you if I can resell your wedding date should you choose to cancel for any reason.

When is Payment Due?2019-08-09T17:14:09+01:00

A deposit of £150 is payable on booking to secure your date, and your balance is due two weeks before your wedding date.

How far in Advance should I Book?2019-08-09T17:16:36+01:00

There’s no hard and fast rules for this but I would always say that it’s best to book as soon as you’ve made a decision on your wedding photographer. I can’t reserve or pencil in dates and weekends can get busy, particularly in the summer months and it’s best to book to secure your date to avoid disappointment.  Having said that, I’ll always do my best to accommodate late bookings so get in touch if you need my help.

How can I see your Work?2019-08-09T17:18:44+01:00

I don’t keep any hard copy work at the studio as it would be out of date too quickly so if you’d like to see my wedding photography, then my website is the place to view it.  Here’s the link…

View my Wedding Gallery
Do you Need to Visit the Venue in Advance?2019-08-09T17:20:45+01:00

Over all the years that I’ve been a wedding photographer, I have worked at lots of wedding venues so there’s a good chance that I have been to your location before.  However, I’m well practised in finding the best spots in a venue on arrival so there’s no need for me to visit a venue in advance of your wedding day.

Do you need a Meal at our Wedding?2019-08-09T17:22:30+01:00

My wedding photography coverage finishes as you sit down to your wedding breakfast at which point I’ll leave you and make my way home so there’s no need to provide any catering for me at your wedding.  However, I might well need to take a few short breaks to grab water especially if the day is hot.

Do you mind Guests taking Photos?2019-08-09T17:24:13+01:00

Not at all.  I’d politely ask a guest to move over a bit if they are standing right in front of me but everyone wants to create their own memories of your wedding and so I have no problems with this at all.

Do you Offer Discounts for Weekday Weddings?2019-08-09T17:29:22+01:00

Yes I do.  I offer a 10% discount on my package prices if you are marrying Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Do you need a Shot List?2019-08-09T17:35:41+01:00

I don’t really as we’re going to talk through everything the week before your wedding and you’ll already have let me know about any special requirements (those that would fall outside of the normal scope of the day).  I can’t work with bits of paper on the day as I’d run out of hands so a shot list isn’t necessary from my point of view.  You’re welcome to give one to a Best Man or Usher to check through if you feel that you want to.

Can we Print and Share the Photos you take?2019-08-09T17:38:06+01:00

Of course, the copyright legally remains with me as it would with any professional photographer but you have the licence to print, share and distribute your images however you wish to.

How many Photos do you take?2019-08-09T17:41:06+01:00

That’s such a difficult question to answer as it totally depends on how long I am with you and how your wedding day is structured.   There’s no hard and fast rules as to how many photos you get in your finished collection – if I see it, I’ll take it but a reasonable number to expect in your gallery would be 250 pictures.

Do you take Formal Wedding Groups?2019-08-09T17:45:53+01:00

Yes of course.  Although the fashion is for reportage and candid wedding photography, I’m a classically trained wedding photographer which means that I ‘grew up’ learning how to pose and take wedding groups.  I still think that they have a part to play in your wedding photography day although I also love the reportage style.  They don’t need to be stiff and formal but they do need to be done professionally and with all the attention to detail you should expect from your photographer.

Do you Work with an Assistant?2019-08-09T17:47:48+01:00

No, I work alone.  I’ve never found the need for an assistant (though I did try it again when I first started).  They just ended up hanging about doing nothing and so I decided that I’d just work with myself.

What Happens if you are Ill?2019-08-09T17:50:19+01:00

I’m going to be honest and say that, if I die on the way to your wedding, there’s not a whole lot that I can do about that.  However, if I were to fall seriously ill (and it would have to be very serious) then my first port of call would be my husband who is also an extremely experienced wedding photographer and then I’d get in touch with trade organisations to find a replacement of comparable quality for you.  That said, I’m pretty healthy and very careful and I’ve never had to miss a wedding yet in nearly 20 years.

Do you Offer Video?2019-08-09T17:52:29+01:00

I don’t, it’s a completely different skillset to photography and do I leave it to the professionals.

Do we get Colour and Black and White Images?2019-08-09T17:55:12+01:00

Most of your images will be presented in colour but I do also include some black and white images where I feel that they are suited.

Do we get the Image Copyright?2019-08-09T17:56:56+01:00

No, that stays with me as the photographer.  However, you will have the license to print, distribute and share as you wish so not having the actual copyright won’t affect your ability to do what you want with your wedding photos.

Do we get the RAW files?2019-08-09T17:58:15+01:00

Sorry no.  I don’t know any professional photographer who would ever consider giving away their RAW files and you are, at the end of the day, paying me to deliver you with a finished image gallery.

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