Sarah Fisher Photography Sanitiser Spray

Well this is just the type of glamour post that I’ve always dreamed of writing!  It’s all about *hold onto your hat* sanitiser spray!

However, these are the times and circumstances in which we find ourselves and so sanitiser spray is what I’m going to talk about.  In terms of keeping my studio clean and hygienic, I have a few measures in place.

The first is obviously just cleaning after every session and sanitising all contact points such as light switches and door handles before each session.

Everyone who comes to the studio is asked to sanitise their hands with my contactless sanitiser machine.

In terms of fabrics that I might use in the course of the session, these are immediately placed in a laundry hamper (which I’ve started calling the ‘sin bin’) and washed.  Then they are line dried and immediately returned to the studio where they are stored behind plastic.  Where they can’t be washed, they are quarantined in a separate area for the government recommended 48 hours before being returned to the studio.

However, there was some stuff in the studio that didn’t quite fit into either of these categories, my comfy chaise longue for example and this is where this little godsend comes in.  So to tell you more about my secret weapon…

  • Contains active biocides, specifically designed for killing viruses, and disinfecting of hard and soft surfaces.
  • Excellent for spraying desks, worktops, computers, chairs, hand rails, incoming mail and parcels, amazon parcels, desk phones and cell phones, tools and much more!
  • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Active biocides – This gives effective and residual action – unlike alcoholbased products
  • Unique “dual-quat” – Providing effective control of the widest range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Meets the requirements against active growing bacteria and fungi of BS EN 1276 and 1650 for food handling area sanitisation/ disinfection
  • Non corrosive
  • Odour free

So this is what I’m using where items can’t be washed or quarantined.  It will also be what I use at events to spray on fairy dresses after each use to make them available for reuse and also to cover sets on event days where turn around time between sessions is a bit shorter.

OK, there’s not a lot of glamour in talking about this stuff but I hope it explains and reassures you that I’m working my absolute hardest to keep the studio safe for all of my clients to visit so we can keep on making amazing pictures together.