I have lots of exciting things that happen at the studio, beautiful sleepy newborns, families of all ages, little girls enjoying twirling in their mum’s wedding dress, teenage girls strutting their stuff in front of the camera and even fairies visiting the indoor Forest from time to time.  But I am a greedy girl so I’ve been at the drawing board inventing two new sets for some upcoming photo events…

Vintage Princesses and Aviators

This will be a special event aimed at little ones aged up to five years old as I felt that I wasn’t really offering too much for this age group and it was time to redress the balance – the only requirement will be that babies will need to be able to sit unaided.  There will be two sets in the studio, one on each side – vintage princesses on one side with a gorgeous light and pretty set, with tutus and pettirompers in abundance.  On the other side of the studio, it’s a bit more boyish with the vintage aviators set – leather pilots jackets, aviator helmet and even a little plane for our budding flyers.

I’ve just been running a few test shoots to make sure everything in the set, props and costumes is absolutely perfect and I love the results – can’t wait to share them with you when I launch it soon.