Honestly I love my job.  Genuinely, on the vast majority of day, I really do.  But then this gorgeous creature comes to visit the studio and my heart skips a beat all over again.

I love dogs in general (we have two studio dogs here – one ageing Retriever and one young and extremely bouncy Irish Setter – and they give me endless joy but there is nothing sweeter in life than a puppy.  So I was thrilled when one of my long standing clients booked in for a portrait shoot with her brand new furry family member – meet Summer, a Cocker Spaniel.  I wish I could share her delicious puppy smell and super soft fur with you to but I can’t so you’ll just have to admire her photos instead.

Unlike her big sister, Honey, who came to visit a year ago, Summer was happy to sit and observe proceedings from pretty much anywhere we put her.  Honey was a keen explorer – you can admire her fast paws in the time lapse video we took of her session here – but Summer was a sedate lady which meant that we got a lot of lovely pictures of her without having to run around too much.  Oh, well as long as we kept her bribed with little bits of cheese that is – she was sedate but definitely not stupid.  As soon as she worked out that sitting still earned her rewards, we were putty in her paws!