Pinterest 2018 Wedding Report

If you’re anything like me then Pinterest is your go-to place when it comes to finding new and exciting ideas for pretty much any subject and it certainly comes into its own when it comes to wedding planning.  Their data on what folk are searching for can provide a pretty accurate report on what the biggest trends are for 2018.  So their 2018 Wedding Report can be taken pretty seriously and it makes for some interesting reading.

Comfort is King

Good news for everyone involved – this year’s big wedding watchword seems to be comfort.    Brides are searching for high necklines and bolero cover ups to let them dance the night away without worrying about keeping everything tucked and general natural silhouettes are being looked for over corseted and constricted.  Jumpsuits are said to be getting more popular although I don’t think we’ll see too many of these going down the aisle for a little while yet.  Even hair is going to be more comfortable with girls searching for looser, unconstructed styles or messy updos. This trend for the natural looks is also reflected in the types of make up being looked for – a natural glow being favoured over Kardashian style contouring with lip gloss to give a hint of shine and shimmer.  Still, there’s one area where ladies are still going big for glamour and that’s lashes!

Throw Out the Wedding Rule Book

There’s a trend towards brides and grooms expressing their own personalities rather than following the accepted wedding ‘rules’.   Grooms are even looking into suits without ties for the ceremony (gasp!) and traditional three course plated wedding breakfast are being replaced by food trucks, street food and vegan options.   It’s not been forgotten that wedding guests can still get peckish outside of the allotted meal times with pretzel bars being the most popular snack option being searched for.

Let Nature In

If you’re going to use one word to sum up the type of weddings that people are Pinterest planning, that word would be ‘Natural’.  Natural hair styles, downplayed make up, comfortable dresses and decor that let’s nature be a part of the day.  Cakes are moving in style from three tier creations to more low key elegance with fruit and flowers playing a big part in decorations.

Some people are even planning camp weddings complete with seating around a fire pit, glamorous bell tents, tons of fairy lights, and a chilled out vibe for family and friends to enjoy.  Even where venues are indoors and perhaps a little more traditional than hay bales around a campfire, there’s a trend to natural decor, with potted plants replacing cut arrangements. That’s not to say that there’s understatement across the board with unconventional entrances on scooters, boats and tractors proving a firm favourite among wedding searches.

Top Three Honeymoon Destinations

After the champagne bottles are empty…  After the artisan cocktails have been finished, when couples are planning their perfect honeymoon, the top three searches are Switzerland, African Safari and Bali.  All great options that’s for sure!

All in all, weddings are being seen as less of an occasion and more of an experience that the bride and groom share with their friends and family.  Designed for everyone to be able to relax and enjoy, the traditional elements of a wedding are being replaced by things that truly reflect the personalities and loves of the couple.  It all sounds pretty good to me!