Mermaid Photo Shoots Sarah Fisher Photography Sussex Mermaid Photo Shoots Sarah Fisher Photography Sussex

My mermaid photo shoots are a little different to my normal work as they are designed specifically to create the perfect piece of wall art for your home.

So, instead of working at your session to create a collection of images for you to select from, we focus instead on creating the perfect single image to hang on your wall.  Most of the work takes place digitally in my editing suite after your session – taking your source images and creating the perfect mermaid blended scene (a process I have named mermaidising).

The key to creating a great blend between real life and fantasy in terms of digital art, is to shoot with the end in mind.  Plus I also want to make it fun for your little mermaid so they’ll still get the chance to dress up in my top, tail and headdress when they get to the studio.  I realise that it might be hard for a five year old to visualise what we’re trying to achieve so the more ‘real’ I can make it for them, the better. Anyway, it’s fun to wear a mermaid tail and I will always encourage it!

A mermaid photo shoot costs £45 and includes your image at print resolution (sized at 12×8″) so when you receive your download code after your session, you’ll be already to print in whatever format you’d like.  There’s nothing else to pay unless you’d like to upgrade to a ready to hang canvas.  No surprises, no sales, just a happy little mermaid!