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Mermaid Photo Shoots for Children in Sussex

Do you have a little mermaid in your family?  Give her a wonderful gift and celebrate her true mermaid form by creating her very own Mermaid art with a very special photo shoot!

These photo shoots take place in my studio in Crawley Down and are perfect for little ones aged 5 and up.  A short visit to the studio will result in a stunning piece of wall art that would grace any little mermaid’s bedroom wall.

Session fee – £45 including a high resolution digital image sized at 12×8″

Mermaid Photo Shoot for Children in Sussex

The actual session is very simple as the goal here is to capture the perfect image to be transformed later on into a beautiful mermaid.  I provide the mermaid tail, bikini top and headdress for use on the occasion.  Although we don’t actually need the tail as we’ll be blending your mermaid into a digitally enhanced tail, I am a firm believer that you should always wear a mermaid tail if the opportunity presents itself.  The session takes between ten and fifteen minutes, we chat about mermaids, have some fun, take some photos and then you’re on the way.

The real work goes on back in my editing suite where your little one is mermaidised (yep, pretty sure that’s a word) and you’ll see the finished results in your gallery for you to download a few days after your session.

Included in your session fee is a high resolution digital image at 12×8″ although you can choose to upgrade to a canvas if you’d prefer.

12×8″ canvas – £35

20×13″ canvas – £55

Mermaid Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mermaid Photos Achieved Through Green Screen?2020-08-14T13:14:49+01:00

My mermaid photo shoots are digital that’s for sure but I don’t use green screen technology as I don’t think it cuts the mustard when it comes to creating wall art for your home.  We work to create the base picture in the studio with the right set up and lighting conditions and then the mermaidising takes place back in my editing suite.  As your little mermaid won’t be able to see the final scene she’s becoming part of while she’s in the studio, it’s a good idea to show her one of my mermaid photos before she comes so she has an idea of what we’re doing.

What’s the Best Age to create a Mermaid Photo?2020-08-14T13:19:42+01:00

As your mermaid needs to be able to take some direction and generally understand what we’re doing to create the perfect mermaid image, I recommend ages five and up for this type of photo shoot.  That way, they are better placed to use their understanding and imaginations to create images that they (and you) will love.

Are Mermaids Real?2020-08-14T13:21:16+01:00

Strange question but sometimes people ask it.  Yes they are.  Obvs.

How Many Photos do I Get?2020-08-14T13:43:22+01:00

This is a different kind of photo shoot to the ones I normally offer which aim to give you lots of photos to choose from.  Mermaid photo shoots are focused on creating the perfect single image for your wall.  There’s a lot of work that goes into creating each image so you get the best possible image to download and print.

What is Included in my Mermaid Session Fee?2020-08-14T13:45:51+01:00

The session fee for creating your mermaid wall art is £45 which includes your time in the studio, use of my mermaid tail, top and headdress and of course your final image at print resolution.

How Do You Create the Image in the Studio?2020-08-14T13:49:56+01:00

My mermaid images are mostly created in my editing suite so we focus in the studio on creating the perfect base image for us to work with.  So your little mermaid will get dressed in the mermaid top, tail and headdress (we don’t really need the tail but it’s just more fun that way) and then she will lie on my trunk so she’s in the right position for the digital composite work.  The rest of it is mainly just chatting about what we think that mermaids get up to – it’s a short and sweet session that takes about ten minutes of studio time.  Below is a sneak peek behind the scenes…

Mermaid Photo Shoots in West Sussex
Mermaid Photo Shoots in West Sussex
Can I have more than one Mermaid in the Picture?2020-08-14T13:52:51+01:00

The digital backdrop is designed to only feature one mermaid at a time and because of the time it takes to create the image, there isn’t a discount to create two images in a single session.  However if you have mermaid sisters, you could create two images with different poses that would still look great on your wall together.

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