Fairy Millie chose my Violet fairy dress and it was such a great choice, complementing her blonde curls to perfection.  She also had one other really brilliant asset to make her the perfect fairy  – she was a true fairy believer!

Now this isn’t essential to visit the Forest, you’ll still get great pictures, but when I designed the experience, I really did want it to feel as real as possible for my visiting fairies.  I didn’t want them to feel like they were just walking into a photo shoot (though obviously that was going to be the end result) but from the moment they arrive, I want it all to be about the fairy love.  They select their perfect outfit including wings and wand from my handmade range and we even stop to admire some fairy artefacts before we even get to the picture taking part.

Then the photography is sprinkled with a good dose of fairy stories as we move to different spots, meet the inhabitants and get to know some of the magical objects that they will get to hold and explore during their visit.  I just love to see the wide eyed look as we discuss the powers of the fairy crystal ball or the magic lantern.  Some people might say I need to grow up a bit and they’d have a good point but it hasn’t happened yet so…

A visit to the fairy photo shoot experience is perfect for little ones aged three and up and costs £25 including one digital for a single fairy, or £35 for fairy siblings.  There’s no expensive hard sell after your photo shoot either – you simply view your pictures in your online gallery a few days after your session and order what you would like.  A single additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 for everything in your gallery in case you simply love all of your fairy memories and want to keep them all.  No surprises, no secrets, no sales – just stunning fairy images of your little one.