I love my fairy photography experience and I mean really love it.  Now of course I’m biased as I designed it and built it myself but anyway, when it is all put together, I sit in there and think how pretty it is.  So it breaks my heart when people say (and I hear this a lot) that they won’t come because they’ve heard stories about these fairy experiences – you pay a little session fee then you have to sit in a sales meeting and part with hundreds of pounds to get the pictures that you want.

So it’s myth busting time!

That’s true for most of the other fairy photo shoots that I know of – pretty much every single one will make you come for a ‘viewing’ and that’s a euphemism for sales meeting – and some of them even offer finance agreements so that you can spend what you want and pay for it over a period of months.  Not with me.  I’d hate it if it were done with me – I hate being sold to.  I want to see what I want, think it over and make decisions in my own time.  And I want to know up front what the costs are.  Most of these other fairy photo places don’t publish their prices in advance – I always think it is a bit like when you see a dress in a shop window but it doesn’t have a price tag.  You just know it’s going to be expensive!

So can I just be really clear.  My fairy photo shoots events are different.   Here’s the costs below and know that the most you can spend for the session and every single image in your gallery (and that’s normally about 3o) is £75 (or £85 if you are bringing along fairy sisters).

  • Session Fee – £25 (or £35 for fairy sisters and they get time both alone and together in the Forest)

  • A session fee includes your favourite digital image which you can select from your online gallery a few days after your session

  • A single extra digital image is £12

  • It’s £50 if you would like to download everything in your gallery at print quality

So there you go, all up front and out in the open.  No catches, no surprises, definitely no finance agreements required and just very beautiful and magical fairy photos of your little one.

Fairy Photo Shoots in West Sussex Unique Fairy Forest Environment
Fairy Photo Shoots in West Sussex Unique Fairy Forest Environment
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