Recently I was asked to share in the day of a couple that had previously visited my portrait studio and I have to be honest, it was my favourite type of wedding so I was thrilled.  I love small intimate weddings – I feel that my photography style works best in this setting and there’s time to make a real connection to capture the bride and groom with their friends and family.

I started with the girls as they were getting ready and it was a relaxed and calm environment as everyone prepared for them main event.  Then it was on to Horsham Registry Office (one of my favourite venues to work at) to meet with the groom and their guests for the ceremony.  The ceremony was the first that I’ve been to which was streamed live to Facebook so everyone they knew could enjoy it – what a great idea! – and it was a beautiful and emotional service.  The love of everyone in the room just shone out!

Horsham Registry Office has great gardens for both group and couple photos so we spent some time there capturing all the images that we needed and then it was time to move onto the reception venue where I was staying to cover the speeches.  A lot more love and a few more (happy) tears and my day with them was done but I’m sure they went on in much the same vein for the rest of their day.  Just a privilege to be a part of it with them.