One fairy visitor for a photo shoot is always a good thing so two fairy sisters can only be better!

Fairy sisters are welcome to visit the Forest together.  How it works is that we choose outfits for both when we arrive so they both have the excitement of selecting their perfect fairy dress. Then the first fairy enters the Forest and receives her wings while the other fairy can get a good look at what’s going on.  We finish exploring the Forest together and then both fairies come together for pictures before fairy number one can take a rest and get into her going home clothes while we pay everything another visit.

A visit to the Forest for fairy sisters still includes your favourite digital image to download at print quality and costs £35.  Additional digital images are £12 each or if you simply can’t choose and love everything in your gallery (and you should probably expect to!) then you can download everything for £50 – with fairy sisters that’s even better value as you will receive between 60 – 70 images.

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A visit to the fairy photo shoot experience is perfect for little ones aged three and up and costs £25 including one digital for a single fairy, or £35 for fairy siblings.  There’s no expensive hard sell after your photo shoot either – you simply view your pictures in your online gallery a few days after your session and order what you would like.  A single additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 for everything in your gallery in case you simply love all of your fairy memories and want to keep them all.  No surprises, no secrets, no sales – just stunning fairy images of your little one.