Your cake is likely to be one of their key features of your wedding reception and everyone looks forward to watching the bride and groom cutting at at some point during the celebrations.

It’s also very likely to be something that you’ll have spent a bit of your wedding budget on so it’s worth getting great photos to remember it by.  There are a few tips to include in your planning to make sure you get the best picture possible.

Don’t forget a cake knife. Check with your venue if they are providing one or whether you should bring one along.  I will ‘fake the cake’ before you sit down to your wedding breakfast when it’s likely you’ll actually be cutting it for real later in the day so it’s best to have it there from the start.

Think about location. Many venues will tuck a cake in a corner so it is out of harm’s way but that doesn’t always make for the best cake cutting shot.  It’s worth making sure you can move it to get the shot you want, even if only temporarily.  You don’t really want to site it in front of a window as you will have the light behind you for your photo (and also cakes don’t always respond too well to direct sunlight).

Give yourself some space.  To create the perfect cake cutting show, you don’t want to have to wedge yourself into a corner.  Also, it’s quite fashionable to have cakes with hidden details in the back so I need a little room to be able to get in there and capture it.