There can be an air of anticipation regarding photography.  Even on your wedding day, some people worry that they will find the process awkward or uncomfortable.  Here’s some advice that will hopefully reassure you a bit while your getting ready for your big day.

Trust your photographer.  Let’s fact it, you looked at loads of us and probably spoke or met with a few.  You like them, you like their work, they’ve got lots of experience so just put your trust in them to their job and capture your wedding.

Be aware of your venue.  Knowing what your venue’s policies are means you won’t get any surprises on the day.  It’s rare now but some churches don’t allow photography and some venues don’t allow confetti. Also check out if your ceremony venue has another wedding after yours so you can factor that into your timings.  Some venues can be strict on the amount of time you can stay for photos so there’s not too much overlap between wedding parties.  Your photographer will be able to work within any parameters you give them, but you don’t want to be blindsided with unexpected news on the day – forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.

Think about timing.  This one applies more at the planning stage of the wedding process but it’s worth giving some though tot he time you allow for your photos,  For example, if your wedding is all at one venue, fairly small (say 40 people or less) and you don’t have a lot of photography requirements, then 90 minutes between the end of your ceremony and when you sit down to your wedding breakfast should be fine.  If your wedding is larger, you have to travel between venues (someone will always take longer than you expect to arrive), or you want to create more images, then you’ll need to allow more time. I like to leave couples alone for at least ten minutes after the ceremony so they can relax and enjoy the moment. If time is squeezed, then you could end up having to move more quickly which is the opposite of relaxing.

Relax.  You’ve got bridesmaids and ushers to work for you.  You’ve got a professional photographer. All you need to do is relax, be guided through what you need to do get the photos you want and enjoy your wedding day!

Wedding Photography

I offer two wedding packages so you can tailor your coverage to what suits you – one from the ceremony through to your wedding breakfast and one that also includes bridal party preparations – and both include a fully edited image gallery on memory stick.

Wedding Photography