This family have just grown to include a lively three year old and they came to visit the studio after their relatives had clubbed together to treat them to a portrait photo shoot gift certificate as one of their Christmas presents as the have loads of photos of their daughter but not any of them together as a family.

They had quite strong ideas about what they’d like and had hived off some images to show my from Pinterest.  It was really important to them that the photos capture their lively little girl being who she is (which is in fact lively!) and so we created that style of image for them.

Of course, working in the studio, there’s always going to be an element of set up and staging. When people say that they want natural photos, it’s never just a case of letting your little one play and catching them at it – there’s all sorts of lighting and backdrop issues to consider.  Not to mention the fact that when children play naturally they tend to look down and so effectively what you see is the top of their head which isn’t all that for putting on the wall.  So there’s a compromise to be had between letting something happen organically and trying to keep a three year old in the same place long enough without the use of some sort of adhesive tape!

What we can do though, is craft a set of scenarios and then let the action unfold within those.  So that’s exactly what we did and the result are a set of beautiful and natural images that really capture these guys as a family.   Once the stage was set, I didn’t worry about the posing – I just threw the portrait rule book away and let their love for each other just shine through.

Family Photography

A family photo shoot in my warm and welcoming studio in Crawley Down is suitable for groups of up to two adults and three children (please call me to discuss before booking if your group is larger than this).  The session fee includes three digital images and costs £95.   As with all of my photography, there’s no sales or viewing meeting to attend – you simply view and order what you would like from your private online gallery. Here’s a link to my digital and print pricing.