It’s one party in the studio at the with lots of first birthday photos – including smash the cake and splash in the tub sessions.

So much fun to be had – adorable little ones, sticky cake and warm water with bubbles (plus giant duck naturally!).  There was a little trickery in Freya’s recent session however which her brilliant mum engineered in order that we get lots of photos of her playing with her cake.  See, Freya doesn’t like cake.  I know right? But anyway, there was this beautiful big pink cake right in front of her and the point of a ‘smash the cake’ session is that she smashes it rather than just shoving it away.  We tried all kinds of tricks and encouragement but in the end her mum hit upon the solution – she hid Freya’s favourite food inside the cake so she would dig it out and eat.  So really what you are looking is not so much a ‘smash the cake session’ as a ‘hunt the strawberry session’ – who says the camera never lies?

Anyway, all that deception was forgiven when we got to the tub splash part of the session and she was won over with the power of warm water, bubbles and several ducks for company. Hard to imagine anyone that wouldn’t be really.  A great way of multi tasking the clean up process after the strawberry hunt and getting some more great first birthday photos into the bargain.

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