Skylar has been coming to visit me regularly for  year now – first for her newborn photos and then for her three baby photography club photo shoots and she has been such a pleasure to have in the studio.  For the last two sessions, we have had a secret weapon in getting her to be generous with those cheeky smiles – her big brother.  He just delights her.  So much so, I’m quite tempted to hire him!

With or without him though, she is a fun little being and I’m so glad that we got to finish our Joey Club journey in style with a first birthday photo shoot to die for – including a cake smash and a tub splash.  Skylar wasn’t actually so keen on touching the cake with her hands but as soon as we introduced one of my mini wooden spoons, she was happy to explore and even venture to try a little piece.  She wasn’t nearly so shy when it came to her duck themed splash in the tub however, all smiles and enjoying her bubble bath!

Baby photography club offers you three sessions in your first amazing year with your baby and you’re welcome to make the final session into a cake smash and tub splash first birthday shoot if you’d like to.  Find out more and register your baby here.