School Photo Shoots in the Studio

  • Did your child miss their slot due to holiday or illness?
  • Do you have kids at different schools and want them photographed together?
  • Do you not like the photo you got from the school?
School Photos West Sussex Crawley Down
School Photos West Sussex Crawley Down
School Photos West Sussex Crawley Down

School photos are an annual tradition for many families but there are lots of reasons why you might not want to purchase the ones that are taken in your child’s school.

When it comes to photos taken in a school setting, photographers are working with an immense workload and under really tight timelines. They essentially get one click of the camera and then they have to move on to the next child to keep everything on schedule.  Meaning no disrespect but in most cases it’s a ‘quantity versus quality’ affair.   You might not love or want to purchase a photo were your child isn’t looking their happiest or best and then, in terms of that service, you’ve lost the chance for the year.

School Photo Sessions

Instead of taking what you’re given, you can book into the studio for a School Photo Session.  This is a simple mini photo shoot against a plain white background and it’s suitable for up to two children who can be photographed both separately and together. Just bring along your child or children already dressed in their school uniform and looking smart, and I’ll take care of the rest.

The session fee includes your images at print quality and, whilst the quantity of images will vary at each session, you should have 10-15 images to download and enjoy so you will have no problems picking your favourite.

These sessions are available for booking in the studio from September 1st to mid October and you’ll be able to reserve your slot in the calendar below.

Booking your School Photos

These sessions are available in the studio from the start of September through to the middle of October and you’ll be able to book your session using the calendar below during these periods.  Once you’ve reserved your session, you can use the button on the right to send your £30 payment or use the link in the booking confirmation email that you should find in your Inbox.

Paying for your Session

Your School Photos session fee includes all of your images at print quality and costs £30.  Once you’ve reserved your time slot , you can send your payment via bank transfer at the details below.

If you could please use the booking surname as the reference, that would be great.

Bank: Starling

Account: Sarah Fisher

Sort Code: 6 0 – 8 3 – 7 1

Account Number: 3 4 8 2 3 1 3 1

If you’d rather pay via credit / debit card, just use the button below to send your payment over (I use Stripe to process card payments so you’ll never be giving your card details directly to me).

Starting School Photo Shoot Event West Sussex
Starting School Photo Shoot Event West Sussex
Starting School Photo Shoot Event West Sussex

Is your Child going to School for the First Time?

If you’re sending your child off to their first year or school then check out my very special Starting School event!  Each year, I dedicate one Sunday to this very special event and it’s a super cute way to capture those first day memories in my purpose built mini school set.  Sessions are £30 including the images and you can find out all about it by clicking on the button below.