My Mother’s Day mini  photo shoot event was an absolute blast in the studio with a ton of mums and nans getting celebrated by their nearest and dearest.

I had a brand new themed set which I absolutely loved – it was the prettiest one that I’ve ever designed I think.  I just poured the florals in there, then added some more until I was happy – can you ever have too many flowers?  Nah!

I’m going to level with you here and say that my Mother’s Day event doesn’t normally sell out so I was quite surprised when this one did.  My Father’s Day event always does but not so with the Mum equivalent.  The reason for this, as far as I can work it out, is that Mum’s put a lot more thought into Father’s Day gifts than vice versa – sorry guys, but it does seem to be true!  This event was a little different though as tons of mums just booked themselves in to get the pictures that they wanted.  It was a common story on the day that they were there are they just don’t have pictures of themselves with the kids.  Well, we fixed that for a lot of people!

Each mini session included the images and was £30 and although they’re over for 2022, they’ll be back for 2023 for sure.  I’ve got lots more exciting photo shoot events planned for this year and you can check them out here.