Maternity Photography in the studio West Sussex

Maternity photography is always such a pleasure to have in my studio as it is just such an exciting time for the couple involved and you can’t help but get swept up in that joy.

The couple who attended this session were just brimming with it while they wait for their little one to arrive and we had a fine time creating images in a number of styles that the mum-to-be had seen and loved.  This one was just a simple shot that we did right at the end of the shoot – I do have maternity dresses that you’re welcome to borrow in the studio but this was actually just a simple piece of fabric and a willing partner throwing up into the air on cue to create the floating effect.  Simple really but effective and very lovely.

There’s no ‘one size fit’s all’ approach to any photography but I guess particularly with maternity photography – some folk want to create a memory of their bump whilst staying fully dressed and some folk dare to bare.  There’s never any pressure from me to fit in with any one style – just come along, express yourself and explore what you’d like to do in order to create some memories that you’re definitely going to cherish.  And if that involves some fantastically floaty fabrics – well that is just a bonus 🙂

Maternity Photography

I recommend coming for your maternity shoot when you are between 32 – 36 weeks pregnant so you have plenty of bump to show but you’re not getting too uncomfortable (also in case your baby decides to make an early appearance).  My maternity shoots cost £95 and include your three favourite digital images (you’re also welcome to borrow any of my gorgeous maternity photo shoot dresses while you’re in the studio).  You select your pictures and order any more that you would like directly from your online gallery, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.

Maternity Photography