Maternity Photography in West Sussex

If you’re visiting for a pregnancy photo shoot, then you might be planning some nude or partially nude photos as part of your image set.  Of course, it’s not obligatory to bare, but here’s some tips on getting ready for it if you are.

  1. You’re in Charge – If you’re daring to bare, then it’s natural to feel a little anticipation about this so you should know that you can change your mind at any point.  We won’t start the session with you stripping off so you have time to get used to being in the studio.  Most of my clients actually are having so much fun, that they actually choose to go for it but there’s never any pressure from me – I’m dedicated to providing exactly the photos you are going to love.  So advice piece number one, has to be relax.  It’s a warm, welcoming and safe place and you’ll be leading the way the whole time.  It’s not a problem at all, my studio and lighting are ready for any eventuality but just be sure to pack some camera ready underwear so you have the option if you want it.
  2. Schedule Time to Relax – It sounds a bit obvious but don’t schedule your session on a hectic day – you want to be able to relax and enjoy it.  Your pregnancy photos should be a little oasis of ‘me-time’.
  3. Avoid Clothing Marks – Maternity clothing (well clothing in general really) will leave marks on your skin if it is tight fitting. This particularly true of maternity trousers which can easily leave you with lines right across the middle of your bump. Before your session, try to minimise tight clothing so you don’t get waistband, seam, sock or underwear marks – especially true if you’re having nude or partially nude images.
  4. Get That Glow – Your skin during pregnancy is really going though a lot and by and large doing an amazing job of things.  Still, it’s always worth giving it an extra boost  before your session by a little light exfoliation and a luxurious coat of body moisturiser to leave you glowing.   If you want to use your maternity shoot as an excuse for a little spa treatment pampering, then I’ll back you up all the way.
  5. Shaving Rashes – If you suffer from bumps or irritation after shaving, then taking care of your hair removal the day or night before will usually give enough time for these to subside before your shoot.
  6. Love Your Nails -Most maternity photos is 3/4 length so your feet probably won’t be featured much but your hands definitely will so just have a quick check of your manicure to ensure your nails are looking fab.
  7. Stretchmarks – These have to the main concern of a lot of women who visit the studio for their pregnancy pictures.  It’s likely you’ll have a few at least and as a rule, I remove them from your finished images as they’re just a temporary mark.  They’re a bit of a Marmite thing.  If you hate them, don’t let them be a barrier to getting pictures taken, I can make them disappear.  Love your tiger stripes?  Not a problem, just tell me and I’ll leave them in – totally up to you.

Maternity Photography

I recommend coming for your maternity shoot when you are between 32 – 36 weeks pregnant so you have plenty of bump to show but you’re not getting too uncomfortable (also in case your baby decides to make an early appearance).  My maternity shoots cost £95 and include your three favourite digital images (you’re also welcome to borrow any of my gorgeous maternity photo shoot dresses while you’re in the studio).  You select your pictures and order any more that you would like directly from your online gallery, there’s no sales or viewing session to attend.