Cake Smash and Tub Splash Photo Shoots West Sussex

Under normal circumstances, you’d be free to browse through my collection of backdrops, props and accessories at the studio and choose what you’d like for your cake smash and tub splash session when you arrive at the studio.

However these are sure as heck not normal times that we are finding ourselves in so at the moment, I’m asking you to make your selections in advance so I can have everything set up ready for you when you arrive.  I will admit though that it will save a certain amount of faffing around at the start of the session and allow us to get to the serious business of cake straight away so it’s not all bad!

So if you’ve got a cake smash booked, click on the button below to visit the page with all of the options you can choose from in one ‘easy to select from’ place – I’ll keep it updated as new stuff is added in!