When you’re planning your wedding, you’re going to have a long list of suppliers and item to look at and make decisions about.  From big ticket items like selecting your venue and photographer to little finishing touches like favours and table decorations.

Here’s just five that may seem tiny but they can make your photography run just a little bit smoother.

Heel Protectors

If you’re getting married or having your reception at a venue with lots of grounds, then there’s a good chance that you’ll want to include these in your photos . Soft lawns and high heels don’t very often make for an easy photography experience so these little gadgets mean that you’ll be able to get your pictures taken on rolling laws and still rock your high heels.

Dryer Sheets

These can be a godsend in getting white deodorant marks off bridesmaids dresses or any clothing in fact.  Have some on hand to keep everyone looking picture perfect even if there’s a little deodorant mishap.

Shoe Stretchers

It’s distracting when your feet are hurting, and there’s always a good chance that new shoes will rub by the end of the day.  Of course, always have a comfy pair for dancing in but it can be worth investing in some shoe stretchers to loosen your posing pair up before the big day.

Veil Weights

If you’re having a veil, then consider investing in a set of veil weights.   Whilst a veil flying in the breeze can look amazing in some photos, having it flapping about especially when you’re posing with friends and family can be a pain. These magnetic little weights will just hold it in place for you.

Wedding Survival Kit

There’s a number of items that can be useful at various points during the day – headache tables, blister plasters, safety pins, sewing kit, deodorant, cooling mist spray.  Put together a grab bag of useful bits and bobs and have a bridesmaid in charge of knowing its location so you have the solution on hand for any minor inconvenience with minimum delay.