As well as my work in my ‘normal’ studio, I am also the proud owner of the Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography experience (based at my studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex).  I say proud owner, which I am aware is a horrible cliche, because I actually am really proud of the Forest.   It’s not one of the travelling roadshow ones – I dreamed the whole thing up and built it from scratch so there’s not another one like it in the whole world.  Actually, it’s a bit different every time I build it so it’s even quite unique at each session.

When I designed it, I wanted it not only to produce stunning fairy photos but also to feel real for my visiting fairies. I wanted them to experience being a fairy and not just attending a photo shoot and so it has all sorts of hidden treats, and magic stories woven into it’s very fabric to try and make this the case.

Actually if you’d like to know about it, I’m completely in love with the new ‘explainer’ video that I’ve had made – I think it really captures the spirit of the Forest.

Anyway, I’m digressing which I tend to do when it comes to talking about the Forest, and fairies in general as it happens.  The point of this post was to let you know that, if you have a little fairy in your life, a gift certificate for a Fairy Photography experience could make the perfect Christmas present.  Each certificate comes in the form of a personalised and hand finished letter to your fairy inviting them to visit and they’ll be able to book in for the next time that the Forest is with us (April 21 – 23rd)

A visit to the fairy photo shoot experience is perfect for little ones aged three and up and costs £25 including one digital for a single fairy, or £35 for fairy siblings.  There’s no expensive hard sell after your photo shoot either – you simply view your pictures in your online gallery a few days after your session and order what you would like.  A single additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 for everything in your gallery in case you simply love all of your fairy memories and want to keep them all.  No surprises, no secrets, no sales – just stunning fairy images of your little one.