A while ago I ran a Facebook competition for one lucky winner to receive a free fairy photo shoot and framed photo from their session.  These two lovely fairies were the winning entrants and so it was lovely to see them in the Forest.

Really, with little Robyn only just being three, the session was mainly aimed at her big sister but we thought we would try to get a few of her on her own and some of them together while we were there – well it’s not every day you visit an Enchanted Forest so you’re kind of duty bound to make the most of it.  Darcie was the perfect fairy and looked so lovely in her Lilac fairy dress.  Robyn in all truth was probably just that little bit small to really get the most of out the experience but we did manage to capture just a little of her fairy sparkle while she was there!

Perfect for Little Fairies Aged Three and Up

I say that three is my minimum age for my Forest fairies.  People do often question this and I know that other local photographers state that they will take fairies pretty much from birth.  I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years as I do hate to disappoint folk but honestly, I really think there are a couple of reasons that I’m sticking with my three and up rule.

In the past, children under this age have been a bit overwhelmed by the Forest environment, it’s not so much of a photo backdrop with a couple of props – I actually build my Forest so that it fills the studio and it’s all around them.  That can be a bit strange for a tiny person.

The other reason is probably more important in that your little one needs to be able to follow simple instructions such as to sit in one place, not to eat stuff, you know the kind of thing, in order for me to be able to keep them safe as well as to get the best photos for you.  Of course there’s a natural tendency for very small people to want to explore, touch and pull on everything that they see and while there’s not really anything that can do them a great deal of damage (other than the shock factor of a set of leaves coming away in their hands ), it also means that you won’t be getting great fairy pictures.   If they’re too little, it wouldn’t be safe for example to sit them on my giant toadstool or to let them handle some of the props – the crystal ball is quite heavy – so you’d be missing out on some of the most magical parts of the experience.

If you have a little one that is too tiny for my Forest right now, I offer lots of other great and gorgeous events that would suit them that will let you create beautiful pictures and I’ll still be here when they’re big enough to be fairies with me!

How Much is a Fairy Photo Shoot?

A visit to the Enchanted Forest costs £25 (or £35 for two fairy sisters)  and this includes access to all my handmade dresses, props and accessories as well of course as your time in the Forest to explore and create your fairy images.  A few days after your session, you will be able to view your images in your private online gallery and select your favourite to download at print quality, or you can select to order it in print format – whichever you prefer.   If you’d like to buy more photos from your session, then you’re welcome to of course.  There’s no secrecy or sales process with my photography, an additional digital image is £12 or it’s £50 to download everything in your gallery if you love them all too much to decide.

Book Your Fairy Portrait

Dates for upcoming fairy photo shoots are going to be announced soon and you can be the first to know by registering your interest and becoming a Forest VIP.  It’s just a simple form to complete and you will be the first to know when the calendar opens (before it goes public so you have time to book your perfect date and time), plus your little fairy will get a special gift to take home with her from her photo shoot.

  • Access to handmade dresses, props and accessories

  • Time to explore the Forest and create your images

  • All your images to view in your private online gallery

  • Your favourite image to download at print quality or order in print format

  • £25 for a single fairy or £35 for fairy sisters

  • Download all the images in your gallery (usually around 30 images) for £50