Sarah Fisher Photography Studio Near Me West Sussex

I think over the last few months, Covid has meant that we’ve all learned a lot about viruses in general.  Far more than we’d ever have dreamed that we would know and certainly more than we ever wanted to know.

In preparing to reopen the studio, I’ve made some changes to the way that I operate to make it as safe as possible including the introduction of socially distanced photography (which actually means that I get to sit on my bum more and ask parents to move and pose the baby on my behalf so that part is good 🙂 ), contactless hand sanitiser on arrival and a few more changes to my hygiene and pre-planning procedures. However, I wanted to be sure that I had done as much as possible so I thought I’d check out some training courses – a little more knowledge can never be a bad thing right? Plus you get a certificate at the end of it and I do love to get those.  So here it is, Covid training completed.

You can view my whole Covid policy here…