Despite most of the government restrictions being removed from July 19th, the health, safety and welfare of my clients remains of paramount importance to me.  So, please bear in mind that bookings and procedures may be subject to change if I feel my or your health and safety are likely to be compromised or government guidance is amended.

In cases where it is necessary for either party to reschedule a photo shoot, you will be invited to rebook at another time and transfer your booking to a different session type if the original type is no longer available – for example, if we miss the window for newborn photography, you can book a family, baby or cake smash photo shoot later in the year.  Whilst I acknowledge that it is a shame to miss something that you have set your heart on such as a newborn photo shoot, if we miss our chance there due to whatever circumstances, we will have plenty of time later in the year to create new images together that you will love just as much.

My studio is in the grounds of my home and so not in a public place – I am the only person to have access to it.  There is parking on my driveway and so you don’t need to take any public transport in order to reach me.

At the moment, attendance at the session is limited to people from a single household and other people will not be able to visit the studio to observe the session taking place.  Proud grandparents will just need to wait and see the photos online!

I have never used sales or presentation meetings in order to show you your images – you view and order online from your private online gallery when they are ready.  This means that the only time you need to visit the studio is to actually have your photos taken.

I’ll be taking twice weekly lateral flow Covid tests in line with the government advice.

Before and after every studio session the studio will be cleaned by using disinfectant. All surfaces that could be touched – such as light switches, door handles and taps – will be cleaned and all props used are sanitised.  A clean towel will be provided and all blankets and outfits used are washed and sanitised with Napisan between sessions. Fabric items that cannot be washed will be sprayed with a sanitiser spray or quarantined in a separate area for the government recommended 48 hours before being reused. The studio will be aired thoroughly in between sessions prior to cleaning to minimise any droplets in the air.  Windows will be locked open during the session to ensure good ventilation – the heating will compensate for this – don’t worry, the studio will still be warm.

Sessions are by appointment only. Sessions will be booked with a 90 minute gap in between to give me plenty of time to carry out airing and cleaning tasks and to ensure that there is no contact between customers as they leave and arrive.

I will contact you the day before your session to reassure you that I am healthy (if I am of course) and I’ll be taking twice weekly lateral flow Covid tests.  I will also check that you are are also well.  Obviously if I have any Covid-19 symptoms or a positive test result, I will let you know and we will reschedule your session.  If you have any suspicion that you may have Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms or receiving a positive Covid-19 test, then please let me know and we will reschedule your session.  If you are required to quarantine after a trip to a high risk zone, please don’t visit the studio.  I’m happy to reschedule sessions if we need to.

There will be a contactless sanitiser dispenser at the entrance to the studio which you will be invited to use and of course, I will do the same.  I will wear a mask while I am working with newborns and I will recommend that you also wear masks at a newborn photo shoot.  For all other sessions I will ask you if you would like me to wear a mask and I’m more than happy to if you would prefer it. Obviously you don’t need to wear a mask when you are having your photograph taken!  The windows will be locked open by a small amount to allow the circulation of fresh air to add ventilation as per current government advice but don’t worry, the studio will still be nice and warm.

The requirement to remain 2m apart while indoors has been removed however, I’ll still be trying to keep an element of distance between us.  Where I would normally have stepped in to adjust poses, hair and clothes, I’m going to offer you clear guidance on how to do this for yourselves so we still get the same great results.

There are exceptions where social distancing will not be possible and the obvious case here is newborn photography.  I have to handle your baby in order to create the images.  The studio has been adjusted to allow your seating area to be beyond 2m from where I am working although you will still be able to see everything that is going on.  I will be working in a mask along with taking the usual sanitising and disinfecting precautions and I am sure that this will be enough to keep us all safe.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk about this in more detail.   If you’re prefer to postpone a newborn session until later in the year, then of course you’re welcome to.

As I’m sure you will too, I will be staying up to date with current government health advice and will allow this to guide my working practices.  Where I see an opportunity to take additional measures to improve our health and safety, I will of course take them to ensure that I am operating at the highest standards of practice.