While a lot of wedding traditions have changed over the year, confetti seems to have stuck around.  I think probably because it’s a joyful thing to throw and makes for such a pretty picture.

Where it’s possible, I try not to intervene too much in your day but a good confetti shot does benefit form some co-ordination.  It just looks better if all of the confetti is up in the air at once.

Job number one is to check with the venue regarding what and where they allow confetti throwing to take place.  Some venues have strict policies in place with a rare few having a total ban so it’s worth knowing about in advance.  If there’s restrictions on the type of confetti or location where it can be thrown, then include that in your invites or on your wedding website so your guests are kept in the picture.  Similarly, if you’re providing the confetti, then make sure that whoever is in charge of handing it out lets the guests know to hold their fire until they’re instructed.

When we are at the ‘throwing spot’ (if your guests aren’t throwing confetti when you walk down the aisle as a married couple), then I’ll arrange your guests for maximum coverage and ensure everybody has a good handful to throw.  Then I’ll count everyone in to ‘1, 2, 3, throw’.  This guarantees that all the petals will be in the air at once for maximum effect.  Once I’ve got your shot, there’s always plenty left to thrown so I’ll step back out of the way and let everyone just enjoy the moment.

Just a little extra effort to create a truly memorable confetti shot!