Lorelei is a little lady who knows her own style, in fact she chose the beautiful brown suit for herself for a friend’s birthday party and brought it along to her photo shoot along with the matching hat, brooch and handbag – well, a well dressed lady always pays attention to her accessories.

She also particularly asked to be photographed in the green tutu as the matching top was one of her favourites.  At only five, she already has very clear ideas about what looks good so you can only imagine what her wardrobe is going to be like when she hits the teenage years – she is destined to be a fashion icon!  As you would expect from such a stylish young lady, she was just perfect in front of the camera.   So we had a wonderful time in the studio, also striking some ballet poses in her adorable pink ballet outfit (so much prettier than the black leotards we had to wear when I did ballet, although it’s not surprising that things have moved on in the million years since I took a ballet class!).  Her little sister was also at the shoot, keeping a close eye on the proceedings (in fact she was sitting on my lap whilst I was taking some of the photos so she had the best seat in the house in terms of seeing what her sister was up to!).  Two beautiful and very fun little girls – watch out world, they’re coming for you!