Well what can I say about little Scarlet as she finishes her Joey Club baby photography club year?  Each visit has been such fun – she must be one of the happiest babies I know and she always has me laughing along with her.  Especially at this last session – where she took part in a cake smash and tub splash photo shoot to celebrate her first birthday.  She has just learned about pointing and that little pointy finger was in overdrive!

She rocked her red Doc Martins and headscarf in her portrait session and pretty much while I was explaining that babies don’t always like cake she decided to start smashing it like a pro.  Then she was happy as a clam in her bath filled up with warm bubbly water.  Her mum had done a fab job of accessorising the shoot with the paper flowers and honeycomb baubles, not to mention a very professionally made crown in delicate shades of silver and pink.

She’s such a star and I’m definitely going to miss her now the year is over!