This was a cake smash of two halves in that our little fellow had a bit of an accident whilst crawling on his first visit to the studio.  Just lost his balance and landed on his face, giving his lip a nasty bite. It wasn’t serious but it obviously didn’t leave him in any mood to enjoy his birthday photos. Luckily, a few days later he was right as rain and ready to enjoy his first birthday cake smash and tub splash session.

We started off with some general photos showcasing his new skills and using some of my first birthday props – and very dapper he looked to in his smart trousers and braces.  We were already off to a better start on the second attempt given that he hadn’t hurt himself and was in fine form.  He wasn’t so sure of the cake smash, especially to begin with but after some gentle encouragement he soon found his way and soon enough he was ready for his tub splash.  My old tin tub was filled with warm water and lots of bubbles  and he was ready for a good splashing, along with the perennial favourite – my giant duck.

Great photos on our second attempt and a brilliant way to celebrate a very special first birthday.

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