Luna came to visit to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash and tub splash photo shoot. I haven’t seen her since her newborn photos and so it was wonderful to see how she has grown over the year into such a gorgeous little girl.

She very much enjoyed her cake once she got to know it although initially she was more interested in the tiara that it has one top of it – a cake with a princess tiara – could you actually ask for anything more?  And she definitely enjoyed the tub splash portion of the shoot!

Cake smash and tub splash first birthday photos include your five favourite digital images to download, print and share as much as you would like and cost £95. You need to bring along a cake to smash and bubble bath / towel if you are adding the tub splash part of the session.  We usually start with a ‘clean’ shoot at the beginning of the session which can a family picture if you would like it and then you’re free to mix and match – smash but don’t splash, splash but don’t smash – whatever works for you and your child.

Shop bought cakes tend to have quite hard icing as they need to be shipped easily without looking like a mess by the time you get them home.  They work just fine obviously, the average one year is not going to be troubled by a bit of icing, but I’d recommend looking for the softest looking one you can find.  Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, or even if you’re not, you can just whack butter icing and sprinkles onto a shop bought sponge if you don’t feel like baking one yourself.  That works fine too!  The only advice I would give is to steer away from chocolate cake and chocolate icing as it can look a bit, errm, shall we say, iffy in the finished photos.

Find out more and book your session by following this link to the First Birthday Photos page.