When you have booked me to photograph your wedding, you’ll have given me some basic information about your day in the booking form.

Then we’ll have a telephone chat the week before the big day to confirm all the details and create a rough plan for the day.  There’s a few things that it’s helpful for me to know in advance so I can make sure that your day goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Let me know how your family is set up.  A lot of families have mums and dads who have divorced and may also have new partners.  Being together in photos can be a sensitive issue for some people and if I know in advance I can manage the photos so that everyone gets the images that they want and feathers won’t get ruffled.
  2. If you’re planning any surprises, then let me in on the secret.  My lips are sealed but if I know when something is afoot, I can make sure I’m ready to capture it.
  3. If you have a favourite location you want to be photographed in, just let me know.  Especially if it is off the beaten track and I might not naturally see it during the course of your wedding day.
  4. Little details. Similarly, if you have small details in your wedding such as photos of loved ones hidden in you bouquet or even just items that you spent a lot of time on and really want captured, then tell me.  I try to get imagery of all the little details of the day but there’s always a chance that I might not spot something if it is hidden away.
  5. Let me know if any of your guests have any mobility or health problems that will affect them being part of your photos.  O f course, if someone is using sticks or a chair, I will notice but not all disabilities are visible, so if there’s anything I can do to make it easier for everyone to be part of your day, then I’ll do it.

Of course, we’ll be talking throughout your wedding day as well so you can always advise me as we go, but these are just a few bits of information that are really useful when I’m planning things out.

Wedding Photography

I offer two wedding packages so you can tailor your coverage to what suits you – one from the ceremony through to your wedding breakfast and one that also includes bridal party preparations – and both include a fully edited image gallery on memory stick.