This is little Lucia and her big sister in for Lucia’s third and final Joey Club baby photography club session in the studio.  She is one year old now and year has definitely flown by.

So here she is now aged twelve months and showing off her new skills of crawling and cruising as well as her gorgeous smile of course! She and her sister brought their blanket bunnies with them – first toys for both of them and still very loved and so a great idea to include them in the photos.  Favourite toys are always welcome in the studio.

With the Joey Club, you receive three sittings during your first twelve months together – one each at four, eight and twelve months.  Then at the end of the year, you are invited to select your favourite picture from each session to include in your souvenir triple aperture wall frame.  The sessions and the frame (so the Joey Club membership) are £39.95 for the year or free if you’ve attended a newborn session at the studio.

If you’d like to find out more and get your little one into the Joey Club then just follow this link.