If you’ve been shopping around for wedding photography for a while, you are bound to have come across storybook albums.  Sometimes called magazine style or coffee table albums, they are a bit different from the type of album that you might have seen in the past with a single picture framed on a page.  They are digitally laid out with multiple images on a page and permanently bound into a one off image book.

Creating a Storybook WeddingAlbum

If you decide that you want to create this type of album as a memory of your wedding day, the process is really simple.  First, you simply need to select between 75 – 100 images and let me know the image reference numbers (each file in your wedding collection has a unique reference number).  I then create an album layout for you using these images and send you a proof in PDF format.  When you’re happy with the design, we put your album into production (this is when I have to ask you to pay for it).  Usually albums are ready for collection about one week after the order has been placed.