Baby Photography West Sussex
So we are all back here again and while I know that photography is waaaaay down the list of things to worry about at this point, here’s where I’m at.
The studio will now be closed until February 15th when I expect we’ll have a bit more information about what we’re all allowed to do. Rest assured, as soon as I can open, I will be in the studio with bells on (there’s a beautiful image for you) and I’ll be working hard to catch up on all we’ve missed.
If you were booked before then, you should have already had an email from me. If you were planning on visiting for a Joey Club (or anything else for that matter) then just know that we can catch up on everything as soon as we are able and create images that you will treasure even if they are a bit later than planned.
As usual in the meantime, I’ll be working in the studio and behind the scenes to come up with exciting new ideas, events and general silliness to make sure we have the best photographic 2021 together.
So I’ll say farewell for a bit in the style of Elliott here, a cheeky wave, still smiling and quite certain that there are better times ahead
Much love
Sarah x