Snow Globe Photo Shoots West Sussex 2022
Snow Globe Photo Shoots West Sussex 2022

My Christmas photo shoot event is usually really popular and sells out quickly.  Therefore, I’ve added a new session type to create these Snow Globe images.

If you miss out on a Christmas photo shoot slot or you’re just looking for one perfect image for your holiday cards, then you can book in for a quick visit to the studio to create the base image for this gorgeous Santa themed snow globe picture.

You’ll be able to book these shoots from the start of October through to December 10th and sessions are open for up to two small children from an age at which they can sit up by themselves.  You’ll pop along the studio with them all togged up in their winter best and we’ll have a short and sweet session to create the base image.  Usually this only takes about five minutes with the snow globifcation work taking place back at my desk.  A week later, you’ll be able to download your finished image and get your cards ordered or make the perfect Christmas gift.  Sessions include the image at print resolution and cost £20.

There’s a couple of things to know about these sessions…

  • Don’t book if you’ve already got a slot at the Christmas photo shoots as you’ll be able to create your Snow Globe image when you come to visit then
  • These sessions are only going to create the Snow Globe image. There won’t be any other props or shots included – if you’d like a fuller session, then you can book a standard baby / family photo shoot and create your Snow Globe picture as part of that but also capture your children / family together as well.

Use the button below to visit the Snow Globe page and make your booking!