Twins are always a treat in the studio and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few sets over the years at all stages of their development – from newborns upwards.

There’s no difference in price for any of my sessions if you’re bringing along twins, I don’t charge per person.  However, the sessions can take a bit longer as we are dealing with two people instead of one and they sometimes don’t always agree on what they’d like to do at any given time.

Newborn photography with twins can take place any time within their first three weeks with you – we get a little longer as they tend to arrive a little early.  That said, the earlier that you can make it into the studio, the easier it is to work with them so around ten to fourteen days old is ideal to get the best results.

The other difference with timings when we’re working with twins is when it comes to the Joey Club.  I recommend that twins be at least able to support themselves and lift their heads when they are on their tummies for a good few minutes.  This means that they are a lot easier to pose together and so you get more variety in your finished photos – this usually means that they are older than four months (which is when people often start their baby photography club sessions) but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about getting the best pictures possible.   When it comes to their second session, I recommend waiting a little longer again until they are sitting steady (preferably not crawling but that just makes our lives a bit easier!).  That way, you get a great story of your babies’ first year at each of their development stages.

When it comes to cake smashes, I recommend only bringing along one cake for them to share. I have done twin cake smashes with two cakes but, as a general rule, they will just want the cake that the other one has (I suspect that this would be the case even with identical cakes!).  With one cake, they have a single focus point and you don’t get any arguments!  When it comes to the tub splash, they will both fit comfortably into either of my baths and so there’s no problem there.