There’s a good chance if you’re planning a photo shoot that you’ve already had a look online and seen lots of different images featuring various newborn props.

So when you come for a newborn session, we’ll always have a chat about the kind of photos that you like and that you want to create as part of your early days memories.  I’d always encourage you to bring along anything that you’d like to include (you can take a look at another blog post on what to bring along if you need some inspo)

It’s also always worth having a browse through my blog or facebook page to see past photos to give you some ideas.  You’re welcome to bring along other pictures that you’ve seen that you like although if there’s something really specific, then it might we worth getting them to me ahead of time so I can take a look and let you know if they’re possible (I’ll always try if it is although the end image will always be my interpretation rather than a direct copy).

We usually start the session on my giant posing beanbag as this is the easiest and most comfortable place to get your baby settled and there’s lots we can do there with different backdrops, props and accessories.  However, once we have had our fill of creating images on there, and if your baby is still happy to play along, I thought you might like to see my complete collection of newborn props for posing them in.  Obviously these would all be padded suitably to make them comfortable for your baby to nap in and there’s a lot of additional soft blankets and fluffy stuff that go into creating the finished image but this should give you an idea to help you with planning your session.

Just a final disclaimer of a sort without wishing to come across a little too much a like a shady lawyer.  My sessions are all baby led and I’ll never put your baby in a position that is uncomfortable for them (or not safe but that’s kind of a given).  For whatever reason, some babies may not ‘like’ all the props or poses and so I can’t ever guarantee a particular photo from a session.  I can guarantee however, that I will work with my utmost dedication to get you all the images that you will love plus a whole lot more that you might not have thought of so you can look back and treasure those early newborn days.